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Welcome to our on-line catalogue of products for institutional control of individualsĀ  and for those that want to challenge the escape artist in us all.

"Great escapes" with Caught-In-The-Act

custom designed products

The Caught-In-The-Act catalogue is presented for institutional needs and mature escape artists. We require you to carefully read and fully understand our waiver before viewing further. Understand that you must know what you are doing, what risks you take in all that you do when undertaking escape artist challenges. Not everything you can get into - you can get out of.


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Caught-In-The-Act is a designer and manufacturer of novelty items, conjuring tricks, used in escape challenges, sensory deprivation exercises and self empowerment training and institutions that may require active control of patient or prisoner.

References to the term escape artist, or escape challenges refer to conjuring tricks: the materials and equipment, and the training and techniques, that might have been used to challenge Harry Houdini approaching the situation as either the escapologist or the challenger. The understanding of escape challenges, self empowerment, or sensory deprivation is that of self awareness: challenging the senses, artistic expression , or the development of physical and mental skills for the individual.

The visitor warrants they are of the age of consent in their jurisdiction or country and subscribe to the understanding that restraints may be used only in the context of novelties, escape artist performances, or theater props where the activity is between knowledgeable consenting persons in a safe, sane and consensual practice. The activity and material of this website in no way is presented for use in Sadomasochism activity.

As visitor I acknowledge that I have read the information presented on the Caught-In-The-Act website and understand fully the limitations and use of the information I intend to view. Caught-In-The-Act and its proprietors cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries or other misfortunes that result from proper or improper application of information imparted or ideas generated by materials in Caught-In-The-Act catalogues, Dr. Mad Max and Max Cita web pages, information letters or, the use of products or materials of Caught-In-The-Act. Caught-In-The-Act products should be used carefully. Never use a Caught-In-The-Act product as a restraint in a moving vehicle, or expose a Caught-In-The-Act product to open fire, flame, or contact with smoking materials. Always have a safety person present at all times during use.

Users of Caught-In-The-Act products should ensure that they have the knowledge and skill sufficient for the use of the product and never use restraint products without an assistant. Always use the proper size product. If the product is too small the wearer will be uncomfortable and may for example experience loss of circulation in limbs. A product too large or loose may allow the wearer's body or limbs to become caught or suspended in the restraint product, resulting in chest compression and suffocation. Wearers of Caught-In-The-Act restraint products should be monitored frequently and never left alone.The descriptions found in Caught-In-The-Act written materials are not in any way intended to suggest activities to be followed.

Further, the visitor agrees to not copy or re-post any images or photos of Caught-InThe-Act products published within this web site without the written permission of Caught-In-The-Act.

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