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Exosuit Mini Boot  Option OP23

tolp2676 copy.jpg
/tolp2675 copy.jpg
Mini Boot option OP23 fits over both feet and ataches to the belts of the Exosuit pant legs
txd33a_6362 copy.jpg
tolp2678 copy.jpg
Underside has loop to hold foot belt
Easy on off with the front zipper and the adjustable attachment loops
The unzipped Mini Boot

Exosuit Options

Option Padded Mitt Inserts OP22

Option Padded Pillows OP24

toly0144 copy.jpg

And a custom addition to this exosuit

black poly nylon webbing txd33a_2104.JPG  

txd33a_2106.JPGboot socks

Mitts unzipped allow hands some freedom to try and escape
texolp1721 copy.jpg
Horizontal suspension for sensory deprivation is less likely to cause arm discomfort than a sleepsack
tac0396 copy.jpg
People are amazed that they can spend 4-5 hours in the horizontal suspension and feel like it was just minutes.
 In 2010 Max took a challenge to escape the exosuit from a rope table
txd33a_4029copy.jpg   txd33a_4035copy.jpg
It was so relaxing Max had a short snooze before trying to escape
  An escape Challenger from Singapore gave the exosuit a try but found it impossible to get out  
Max let him enjoy a sensory deprivation experience at least until he woke up.
Max gave a friend a try at escaping from the rope table
This guy gets to try the exosuit escape with the padded mitts
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