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Caught-In-The-Act Cotton Straitjacket - Psycho X - SJX

Custom made to your measurements

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Front Belts pass through sleeve loops and the jacket loops to create the most restrictive  and secure arm position, plus more d-rings

More really is More!

A customer in Europe insisted we go the next level with more restriction to the arms. It is very popular. The SJX Psycho-X is no easy escape, especially for Max.

Features Of The Psycho-X That Are Similar To The Psycho-II

Very confining the Psycho-X has D-rings built into the shoulder area, not for suspension;

2"cotton/nylon removable biceps belt to minimize upper arm movement;

nylon/cotton webbing reinforces the straitjacket;

2" collar prevents - 'the hand through the collar escape';

Double crotch strap;

d-rings at biceps and wrists;

jacket side and centre sleeve loops plus a back single loop for traditional sj arm position;

shoulder d-rings are not for full suspension, but used for safety;

belt ends are capped making it difficult to  release belts from a buckle by the escape artist.

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Added Features Exclusive To The Psycho-X

SJ is 3" longer than Psycho II  with 5 rear  straps and buckles to enclose the rear opening.

sleeves have 3 belt loops - one for the 2" biceps belt, another at the wrist and a third just above the wrist used with the front sleeve belts, or other belts;

3 front adjustable sleeve belts, front centre, left and right of centre, these belts offer three basic variations in holding arms across the chest with the buckles out of reach of hands: 1. the most restrictive belts are passed through the sleeve loops and sj loops to hold arm rigid, 2. front belts pass through only the sleeve loops for a little arm movement. 3. the front sleeve loops buckle in a traditional sj style without passing through the sleeve loops for maximum allowable movement - for perhaps longer term use, see some examples below;

3 d-ring pairs along  each side of the sj may be for tie off positions, or arms-down restraint position;

front upper chest d-ring pair used for looping biceps strap offers extra restriction to upper arms (model as shown has optional d-rings on the shoulder blade rear belt) .

NOTE: that as photographed the SJX has side belts and sleeve end d-rings showing that may be ordered as options. including added d-ring pair to rear entry belt at shoulder blades.

A few Options you may want to consider (as shown on the Psycho ll page 2)

Option: 6 removable side sleeve belts 

Option: locking removable biothane collar OP09;

Option: locking removable Cotton hood OP08

Option: Boot BSJ2;

Option: sleeve end d-rings OP28

Option: you can choose extra d-rings at waist, arms, sleeve loops or other places;

How we make our cotton restraints: Here;

Some great looking options on Psycho II - Page 2 Nipple access not available on the Psycho-X

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/txd33a_2980 copy.jpg  txd33a_2973 copy.jpg txd33a_2982 copy.jpg
txd33a_2992 copy.jpg /txd33a_2988 copy.jpg 
/txd33a_2995 copy.jpg

A Little Less Restrictive

Front Belts are passed through the sleeve loops only  for some movement of the arms.

txd33a_2998 copy.jpg

The Long Term Solution

The easiest long term condition the front Belts are only secured at the buckle without passing through any loops. A very loose fit for the most movement. Could risk escape if the sleeve ends are not done up tight in the back

txd33a_2999 copy.jpg

Front Belts can pass though the jacket sleeve loops and the sleeve loops in a variety of ways. With optional side belts arms down can be secured at the side although it is not as   secure from escape unless care is taken to make it all extra tight.

Note Optional D-rings OP28 at sleeve ends

Be sure to see the Psycho-X in use many times at SB

Not sure what size you might be: Our guide here: SJ Measurement Form

Send us your measurements (personal size form for sjs) and we will confirm your exact cost including shipping.

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Matching Separate Hood lined, with locking leather-like collar



Locking biothane Collar for the SJ - will not stain the cotton (stronger than leather)



Sleeve end d-rings
6 - 24"side belts ordered with the sj