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Barbara Nitke is an exceptional artist who captures our mind, body and soul

Logsdon Escapes

Sir Mark Logsdon - Escapologist


See Stacy Burke escape in a Caught-In-The-Act, Psycho SJ and her amazing great images and videos

DorothyLaine Productions: A crystal has many facets, and so do people. This site is dedicated to my professional and personal lifestyle .

The Straitjacket Floats a page of great straitjacket photos and tidbits of history. Max Cita original SJ is on display here.

Greggerbits" Home Page - a great listing of mainstream media of straitjackets in film, TV and other. Many photos. http://members.tripod.com/~greggerbits



Large free site for those specifically into straitjackets, hospital restraints and handcuffs

Metal devices

Great information for Men On Escape Fantasies


Maskworld.com features foam latex masks

Check this out, a real straitjacket fanatic. Amazing detail on his adventures.



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