Latex Psycho VacSac Sleepsack - VS1


We have given demos to many  and so far all the smiles tell us they really like it.  The Psychovac is a luxury sleepsack that can be used either as a regular sleepsack, vacuum sleepsack or inflated. However inflation  offers only minimal sensation even when latex clothing is worn. If long term experience in a sleepsack interests you then a convenience access is a good option to add.

Do consider trying before you buy, write us for possible demo.

But First Read This

Important Safety Warning: It is not recommended to attempt to go solo in a back or front zip sleepsack using the internal sleeves. Comments have been received to indicate that you might get in but you cannot get out because no matter how you do up the zipper, it needs external help to undo. Trying to tear the bag as an emergency means of escape is not easy to do, if at all. Be Safe in practicing your escapes.

All new design easier to get in and out, can be used in suspension with the gibbet option and more
  The Schrader valve is used with a vacuum to suck the air out. It takes time but once the air is out turn off the vacuum and enjoy
  The gibbet options makes the vac sac a tight fit and can be suspended.
Sucked out, nice and tight for great sensory deprivation experience
Th VS1 with gibbet is a versatile long or short term immobilization for intense sensory deprivation
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Vacuum Packed - really

The Psycho Vac Sac- VS-1

  • This .040" latex bag has internal sleeves for arms and hands; reinforced seams inside and out for durability;
  • Gasproof rear entry long drysuit zipper;
  • Vacuum exhaust clip accessory is provided to attach to the exhaust valve. A small vacuum works well usually but does need good suction, vacuum not provided;
  • A separate hood or gas mask can be added over the neck seal (similar to a dry suit) opening on the sleepsack;
  • The Psycho Vac Sac Is not escapable, used for relaxation and sensory deprivation long or short term, always have a safety present when it is used;
  • double taped seams, the sleeves are shaped for comfort but limit movement so that long term endurance use is possible.
  • The neck seal is a thinner .020 latex that seals around the neck without choking.
  • The foot box adds enough room to allow feet to - toe-in or toe-out and have heels apart - something important to have for long term use.
  • Option available: Gibbet G1
  • Option avaiable : front convince gas proof zippe or sealable access hole

Our Offer To Our Customers is: "Try Before You Buy"

We recognize that this sleepsack is a luxury item. We recommend whenever possible customers take an opportunity to try out a Psycho Vac Sac before ordering. Write us if you would like to try out a sleepsack if we are in your area.

Not sure what size you might be: Our guide here: Sleepsack Measurement Guide

Send us your measurements (personal size form for sleepsacks) and we will confirm your exact cost including shipping.

Please allow at least 3 weeks to make the Psycho Vac Sac Sleepsack

Prices in $US The Psycho Vac Sac sleepsack VS1,  in 0.40" thick latex

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The PsychoVac Sleepsack: Options


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Gas proof Convenience zipper



sealable convenience access  hole

Some Dream People

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Getting In The Great Latex Sensory Deprivation Device?

Easiest is to start seated, wear latex or not
We find head entry first makes it the easiest entry. Find the inside of the neck seal with your hands and then get the neck opening over the top of your head
Keep the back zipper opening centered in front of you
Using gentle pressure pull the neck seal down and over the head
Once over the neck adjust the neck seal so that the seal is tight at the neck.
You will need a good powder coat on the arms and the inside of the  Psychovac sleepsack sleeves  as the arms will rotate in the sleeve. Lube works too. If the arms get sticky the rotation is nearly impossible.
Insert one arm as far as it will go.
The zipper  and sleepsack need to rotate around the arm so that the zipper is at your back . You need the arm to twist in the sleeve in order to get the sleepsack to go over the shoulder and position the zipper in the rear.
Once this arm is in and the sleepsack turned over the shoulder then do the same for the other arm
Best to have a helper find the sleeve opening and slide the arm in gently do not force it in.
With the arm in the sleeve rotate the sleepsack over the shoulder.  It may be easier to extend both arms in front at about shoulder height then have the assistant gently pull the sleepsack over both shoulders. Care not to overstress the zipper.The sleeve will need to turn 90 degrees so make sure the arm does not get stuck as the sleepsack turns over the arm.
Standing up adjust the sleeves they need to rotate the internal sleeves 90 degrees when you pull the sac over the shoulder.
If you find an easier way to get in let us know.
Insert one foot at a time into the foot box of the PsychoVacSleepsack. Have an assistant hold you for balance. Then zip up. You are in.