Caught-In-The-Act Measurement Form for your Inside Out Sj
Ref #  Measure of: Size in inches  
1 neck  
2 neck to shoulder tip  
3 shoulder tip to lower edge of elbow with elbow bent 90 degrees  
4 elbow to wrist  
5  wrist to finger tip  
6 around upper arm (biceps)  
7 around elbow  
8 around wrist  
10 waist size at navel  
11 around hips 5" below navel  
12 around upper thigh  
13 base of neck to navel (belly button)  
14 navel to crotch where pant seams meet  
16 overall arm length tip of shoulder to finger tips  
17 around outer edge shoulder tips  
18 around both upper arms at widest part  
19 around at elbows with arms bent in classic straitjacket position  
20 tip of shoulder to Under arm in straight line  
21 Neck (jugular notch) to crotch (pubic bone) in straight line    
Model SJ - IO-
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