Caught-In-The-Act Your Measurement Chart for Sleepsack
Ref# Your measurement Inches/cm Ref # Your Measurement inches/cm
1 Neck
2 neck to shoulder tip
3 shoulder tip to elbow
4 elbow to wrist
5 wrist to finger tips
6 around uppoer arm - biceps
7 around elbow
8 around wrist
17 around shoulder tips outer edge
18 around both arms at widest point
19 around both elbows
20 around both wrists
21 around both thighs
22 around both knees - relaxed not tight together
23 around boith calves
24 around both ankles
25 foot heel to toe
26 floor to ankle
27 floor to calf at widest point
28 floor to knee
29 floor to finger tips
30 floor to shoulder tip
31 floor to neck at shoulder
32 Overall Height head to toes
33 Shoulder tip to under arm in straight line
34 Width of both feet 37 Floor to thigh
35 Floor to Crotch 38 Floor to hip bone
36 Floor to navel 39 Navel to hip bone