Personal Measurement Chart for Exosuits
Size "
1. neck size  
2. Neck to shoulder tip, very edge where shoulder drops down  
3.shoulder tip to centre of elbow  
4. elbow to wrist  
5 wirst to finger tips  
6 around widest part of biceps  
7 around elbow  
8 around wrist  
9 Around largest part of chest at underarms  
10 Around waist at navel  
11 Around hips 5" below navel  
12Around largest part of thigh  
13 From base of neck(juglar notch) to navel  
14 navel to crotch (where seams on jeans meet)  
15 around forehead  
16 vertical distance top of shoulder to underarm  
17 floor to ankle      
18 floor to biggest part of calf  
19 floor to centre of knee  
20 floor to crotch  
21 floor to finger tips   
22 floor to base of neck at shoulder  
23 vertical height neck at shoulder to top of head  
24 around seat (about 2" above crotch)  
25 around knee  
26 around calf largest part  
27 around ankle  
28 length of foot heal to toe  
29 width of foot at widest part  
31 bend over with knees bent - distance from back of neck to crotch
32 standing upright- back of neck to crotch where seams on jeans meet
33 Arm pit to floor
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