MtEverst Garments Down Prison sleeping bag

It is a very rare occasion that Caught-In-The-Act chooses to promote other folks products. Mteverest Garments has incrediable products carefully crafted, luxurious to the feel and serves to capture your warmth and comfort. The sleepsack comes in a variety of styles. I chose the zip up hood, but there are open face hoods, back zip and many other styles. If you like down puffy jackets, pants onepiece, and sleepsacks, do visit and inquire on what you would like.

The 2600 oz down sleepng bag with zip in internal sleeves, looks like it is too easy to escape. Not a chance when you see the simple and effective restraint. You are in it until someone helps you out.I understand there multiple colours to choose from. Need it warmer, there are 3000gm and more down fill.
I am going to givce this a try
Sleeves with mitts, feels really cozy and not sure how easy it might be to escape
So sleeves are strapped not so easy to think escape now
Love the soft feel
Get me out at supper time please
tunnamed (1)copy.jpg tunnamed (2)copycopy.jpg
The suit looks really warm and fun to be in fopr a winter walk
200 gm straitjacket with hood
one piece hooded suits
t841227_ncopy.jpg t304242_ncopy.jpg
Horizontal back zip sleepsack with vertical BZ hood attached


See the full line of down jackets pants, onepiece, sleeping bags and sleepsacks go to Mteverest Garments