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  • Send us your measurement chart for the product you may want does speed up the reply include your shipping address so we can calculate shipping cost; 
  • Add in the options you might want too;
  • We will respond via e-mail confirming the cost including shipping and handling, and any additional payment information;
  • For design inquiries, options and multi order requests we welcome the oportunity to explore your ideas.

Prices in this Catalogue

Prices: All pricing in this catalogue is in US dollars ($USD). All prices subject to change without notice. Gas tax and surcharge may affect quoted shipping costs. We will advise on total costs for your acceptance.

We do not start an order until we have received full payment usually credit card debit is fastest. That means that when we are ready to cut material we will advise you before we start, and on your approval, then debit your card. We will provide you with the authorization #.

It is advised to  contact your credit card company and confirm that you are expecting a purchase from Caught-In-The-Act and the amount. With security breaches, many visa and mastercard companies will not process a debit unless the cardholder has contacted them in person to arrange a foreign or out of state transaction. If the card is declined it will delay the start of your purchase.

We normally provide daily updates on progress. We believe you should not pay for something and then wait wondering when it will shipped. We do provide approximate shipping date on order confirmation subject to unforeseen delays.

Canadian HST or GST is applicable depending on Canadian delivery address. Overseas may have Value Added Tax (VAT) and duty, or customs and duty fees, VAT, broker fees: these fees are not included in the sale of our products and are the purchasers responsibility upon delivery.

Accepted Method of Payment

Please  write us before sending sensitive personal information so we can suggest ways to protect your privacy.

Credit Card Payments


The Best and fastest way to Pay: Credit Card We accept Visa and Mastercard  upon approved credit application. It takes two business days for the transaction to be processed.

Understand that internet sales with payment by credit card remains a high fraud activity. To protect the credit card holder and Caught-In-The-Act all credit card payments are based on first  completing an application that is subject to verification prior to accepting payment. We believe our customers understand and value their security and ours. A completed application sent to us by facsimilie is the best way we can minimize fraud and theft as well as assure the customer the information is not transmitted over the open internet. Please consider other methods of payment if you prefer such as encrypted files or phone us with the information.

The Credit Card application sent by encrypted e-mail. We will advise by email on the details. Complete the form and return by email.  Be sure to confirm arrangements with us by e-mail in using this method. We will send you the form in a secure email.


Other Payment Methods

Cashier's/Counter Cheque, Traveler's Cheque, Bank Draft, or Bank Money Order.Make your payment payable to: Caught-In-The-Act. Please note that it takes 30 days for non Canadian payments to clear the banking system. We will not ship until at least 30 days after the check has been cashed. This helps protect us from receiving bogus bank transactions- no exceptions. There are additional costs for these payments from outside Canada. Write us for the added cost.

Personal Cheque - Canada - USA and Canada only: Make your payment payable to: Caught-In-The-Act

Your personal check offers the least cost to you . Your personal check will take up to 30 days to clear. Your purchase is shipped 30 days after we have confirmed the deposit is accepted. There are no exceptions. Canadian orders will be processed on deposit or e-transfer with no delay.

Overseas Payments Using Electronic Bank Wire Transfer (takes 3 days to transfer):You will need to add $44.00 to your order, for wire service bank fees . The customer must ensure that they have paid all wire service fees. In Europe there is a 44.00 surcharge make sure this is covered in your payment. Additional costs and delay may be incurred if the correct amount is not received. When you confirm your order and are ready for payment transfer, we will advise you confidentially of the information required.

Bank Wire Transfer requires clear directions to your bank as to what is to be transferred. Ensure the correct funds are being transferred and that the full amount is to be deposited to our account. You are responsible for all transfer fees. Delays can occur when banks make errors in the transaction information. Please ask us for an "information template" when requesting the bank wire transfer.


Not Accepted Methods of Payment

A: USA Postal money orders are not an accepted method of payment.

B: Western Union Wire Transfers are not accepted.

C: Paypal refuses to serve our business.

Delivery: Products are shipped overseas via Canada Post - Express,. You will be required to supply the exact shipping address, contact person and a contact phone number in order for us to ship.

If you want fast delivery via courier to the USA, US citizens must provide their Social Security number, or for a company an IRS or EIN number for shipments by courier.

Please  write us before sending sensitive personal information so we can suggest ways to protect your privacy. Post Office: For Canada Post/USPS service we ship Parcel Airmail, Expedited or Expresspost, and insured for the value of the item. If you wish to receive your product as a gift write us for further information.

Our contact by email is:


 Purchase Policy

  • Our goal is to have every customer fully satisfied with their product, you can help us achieve that goal by understanding and considering the following information prior to making your purchase.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges except where the following notices may apply.


  • We ask customers to carefully consider the purchase and especially the measurements they send us. Customer sizing charts are designed for us to make typical sized products fitting the typical customer shape. It is the responsibility of the customer to note to Caught-In-The-Act, accurate sizing and any special consideration such as being extra heavy or slim. The catalogue has additional advice on sizing of various products. Products such as sleepsacks will have a 1-3" variation in size looseness, while straitjackets may have a greater looseness depending on the exact requirements of the customer. Consult with Caught-In-the-Act should the fit tolerances require further explanation or refinement.
  • There is no exchange for products too small/large, made within the sizes sent to us by the customer.

Return for Alterations

  • In the event that a product may require alteration, consult with Caught-In-The-Act with respect to those arrangements and if there are any fees for alteration. Be sure to get agreement before returning the product. Send a copy of the e-mail invoice or invoice with the purchase noting on the Customs and Insurance form it is a return for repair. We will not accept custom charges.
  • Return the product to Caught-In-The-Act with any additional fee or postage payment required.

Delivery time

  • We ship expedited parcel, typically your product is shipped two to three weeks from date of receipt of payment unless a delay is required while waiting for your personal cheque to clear. Typically allow 7-12 days or less for shipping to the US and 7-10 days shipping overseas. Caught-In-The-Act takes no responsibility for delays in transit. There are times when a mechanical failure, material shortage or labour shortage may result that is beyond the control of Caught-In-The-Act. Such conditions may delay the production of the customer purchase.
  • We will notify the customer as soon as practical of a pending delay and expected revised delivery date.



  • The materials used are natural products that will have variation in colour and texture. Cotton seams may unravel in time should seam serging become loose. Double stitching and serging limit or reduce the condition. High stress seams are taped as well.

Defects in the Product Material or Workmanship

  • Where there is a defect in the material or workmanship that effects the use of the product, Caught-In-The-Act will exchange or repair the product free of charge within 40 days from date of delivery; and, within 40 - 90 days a product will be repaired or altered free of charge with postage paid by the customer.
  • Where alterations are required as a result of inaccurate measurements sent to Caught-in-The-Act alterations or repairs will be made. An alteration or repair fee and postage paid is the responsibility of the customer to be confirmed prior to return