Caught-In-The-Act Straitjacket Options


Please note safety issues and other points about the use of Caught-In-The-Act products on our FAQ page

Cotton Hood Option OP-08 - $180.00

ta1dmm_0156copy.jpg tcitadmm_0155copy.jpg


The cotton hood is lined and made loose fit. Some find they can wear a thin hood underneath to add to the escape challenge intensity. Full rear flap keeps hair from getting caught and adds padding to the back of the head for more comfort.

The cotton hood is attached to the straitjacket using the biothane locking collar. Weave the collar alternating between the loops on the sj and on the hood

D-ring at the crown. Caution - ensure protection from neck injury if the head is to be restrained.

6 grommet holes are provided for adequate air exchange. We find that the cotton will absorb a large amount of humidity from exhaled breath. This adds the effect of heightened awareness of the progression from easy breathing through the porous cotton to, more restricted air exchange with air transfer through the grommets as the moisture blocks the pores of the cotton material. Never leave a hooded person unattended.

Complete the Hood Size Chart when ordering this option: Hood Size Chart

Chest Access Zippers OP-29 - $109.00


OP-29: Zipper options allows chest access. Psycho SJs with zips will have modifications to shoulder webbing and depends on size of sj. Small protective flap inside.

Blue or Black Webbing Option OP-B $45.00

/td4x_1663copy.jpg   tcitad4x_1664copy.jpg

Nylon webbing adds contrast and defines the many straps to the Psycho. Blue above is navy blue or black below



The Dorothy Lane Options  OP-DL, 2 wrist belts $25.00

On the Psycho-SJ these belts can restrain both wrists through the wrist loops on the sleeve

Triple front sleeve loops Option  OP-20 - $25.00

Three front loops offer extra restriction in arm movement.

1" Biothane Locking Collar Option - OP09 $20.00

1" locking biothane collar is non staining and  fits sjs and sleepsacks - lock not included

D-Ring Sleeve Ends Option OP-28 $15.00

td4_0135 copy.jpg
D-rings offer variation in sleeve restraint

Option Black Poly Cotton Material - $50.00

all black sj and webbing



All black CSJ3 with triple front sleeve loops
/tcitad3_1182copy.jpg /tcitad3_1185copy.jpg
All black CSJ3