Please note safety issues and other points about the use of Caught-In-The-Act products, on our FAQ page

Important Safety Warning: It is not recommended to attempt to go solo in a back or front zip sleepsack using the internal sleeves. Comments have been received to indicate that you might get in but you cannot get out because no matter how you do up the zipper, it needs external help to undo. Trying to tear the sleepsack as an emergency means of escape is not easy to do, if at all. Be Safe in practicing your escapes.

The Protector Sleepsack - CBB2

All New Design - with a light inner zipper flap in our new design. Enjoy the escape challenge.


Sleepsack is lighter construction for more flexible movement and is cooler than the Psycho;

A relaxing yet confining sensation;

Not for agressive movement or escape achallenges;

# 8, 17.5 oz cotton duck canvas;

Internal sleeves run down each side to restrict arm movement and make escape an extreme test;

Zipper entry  toes to neck has three sliders that can be locked, lock not included;

Zipper opening has a small interior flap to cover the zipper;

7 belt loops run down each side  to hold optional belts in either 1.5" or 2" width

2" cotton collar with belt loops to hold optional removeable 1.5" cotton collar and or 1" biothane locking collar.


Add 7 optional belts to make a more confineing sleepsack
"snug as a bug...."
Making sure This protector sleepsack will not slip off the surgery table
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