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Caught-In-The-Act Cotton Straitjacket - Psycho - SJ3


tcitaSJ_0043copy.jpg tcitaSJ_0048copy.jpg

#8 cotton duck natural material, a very strong fabric;

1.5" D-rings built into the shoulder area;

2" biceps arm belt;

nylon/cotton webbing reinforces the straitjacket;

1-1/2" Webbing collar prevents - the shoulder slip or hand through the collar escape;

4 sleeve loops: front, back, and both sides;

Double crotch strap;

D-rings at biceps, wrists and waist;

Natural cotton webbing backed with polyester resists slipping  in the buckles;

shoulder d-rings are not for suspension, often used for safety from falling;

belt ends are capped making it difficult for the escape artist to release;

See all the Options on Page 2

Option available: locking removable biothane collar;

New option: front zip access

Option available: locking removable cotton hood OP-08

Option available- Boot BSJ2;

Option available: extra d-rings;

How we make our cotton restraints: Here

Stacy looking great
tdorothysjad copy.jpg
Sir Mark Logsdon has fun in his Psycho II on stage
Lee writes to a budding escape artist a reply:

First off the record time for getting out of a straight jacket is 1.4 seconds, I can't even get out of my coat that fast.

I don't do speed escapes, I think people should see how hard a Escape Artist works to get out of things. I mean if it just falls off how hard could it be? To answer your question my Posey straitjacket escape takes me about one minute and the Max Cita jacket takes a good 9~12 minutes. I use it as a full show in itself.

If you are thinking of getting a Max Cita jacket, I can tell you it is the best jacket I have ever been in and it will hold up to anything you put it through. He does wonderful work and they fit like a glove. The one I have is a little overkill to use in escape show. Lots of the small things he added to mine makes it harder if not impossible to escape from it, and most people will never see them anyway.

Like he said on his site: WARNING For use by trained users only. Misuse may result in injury or death.

Rest Day
Max takes his Psycho escape to the top of Blackcomb Mountain

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Psycho II - CSJ3 - Straitjacket Options




 Order #


Price $US

Separate Hood , with biothane collar



Locking biothane Collar for the SJ (stronger than leather)



Extra D-rings, you need to specify where


 $5.00 each

Blue or Black nylon webbing


DL option: 2  removable wrist belts,



Triple front sleeve loops see photos page 2
D-ring Sleeve ends
Chest Access Zippers (not available on some models)
Boot BSJ

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