Please note safety issues and other points about the use of Caught-In-The-Act products, on our FAQ page

Important Safety Warning: It is not recommended to attempt to go solo in a back or front zip sleepsack using the internal sleeves. Comments have been received to indicate that you might get in but you cannot get out because no matter how you do up the zipper, it needs external help to undo. Trying to tear the sleepsack as an emergency means of escape is not easy to do, if at all. Be Safe in practicing your escapes.

The Caught-In-The-Act Trainer Sleepsack - CBB1


The Cotton Trainer - CBB1 Model

Our simplist sleepsack with internal sleeves, use as a sleeping bag or for casual light relaxation. The beginner escape artist sleepsack.

# 8 cotton duck sleepsack ;

Extra long nylon zipper with three zipper sliders;

Internal sleeves;

2" Cotton collar;.


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