Caught-In-The-Act Gibbet G-1



Another amazing simple device for enhancing  the difficulty of escape challenges from Max Cita. 2" heavy nylon webbing is sewn into a versatile cage (similar to the ancient metal gibbet) that can be adjusted in size from loose to extra tight. With the 2" d-rings sewn along the sides rope or webbing can be used to immobilize the gibbet or offer locking points for making the escape challenge more difficult or impossible. Lightweight and compact easy to store this device can be used for challenges in the horizontal and vertical. Consider the gibbet can support 250 lbs. or less in vertical and inverted suspension in static mode. Caution of course with dynamic load (moving) remember dynamic load increases 5 times the static load.

Strong heavy duty nylon side release buckles are used on the 2" webbing belts. Side loops are adjustable. All belts are sewn to the centre back spine to keep belts together and  no more figuring out wnat belt goes where.

The gibbet with collar
Belts open ready for the challenger
/td4_0356copy.jpg  td4_0359copy.jpg
Using a sleepsack to demonstrate  how it is used
Nylon side release buckles are very strong and will not catch or tear latex as can happen with metal buckles
td4_0363copy.jpg  td4_0364copy.jpg
Adding rope to immobilize the gibbet or belts or webbing even chain
/td4_0366copy.jpg td4_0367copy.jpg
Giving the system a try
See the general size chart for stock sizes. Use the sleepsacks measurement chart for your personal sizing. 

The Sizing of Gibbet - G1

Use the measurement chart for sleepsacks to get it sized to your measurements. Also available in stock sizes



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